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Casual Wear

Casual Wear & Shoes & Accessories
All of our socks, shoes, gloves and belts are available for purchase with or without the postal uniform allowance credit card.

Accessories such as aprons, base layer, LED lighted cap, casual wear caps and t-shirts listed in this area require a personal card for purchase. They are not available on the uniform allowance. 
Hooded Sweatshirt and T Shirts
Carrier Mail Bag Shokstrap
Thermal Top and Bottom
Cobbler and Utility
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Carrier Shokstrap 114868
Price: $35.00
Carrier Shokstrap 114868
Carrier Mailbag Shokstrap Non Allotment Item
free shipping
Protective Face Mask 107649
Price: From $6.00 to $7.00
Protective Face Mask 107649
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